Aromas Of China Guest Review and A Fish Recipe

Carol, from An Amateur gastronomist couple in Bangalore, is one of my best friends, has known my heart and soul (she says I am a beautiful person inside out) and has kept with me through every thick and every single thin. We studied together in college, made every day at hostel a party, and walked the long roads of Chengannur talking about every single thing under the sun. We shared our love for food and fantasized about the beef at Nelko, the pastries at Anne’s and the burgers at Sun & Star and still do. We divided chocolate into tiny bits and fought for the bigger share. Even now when we get together, I feel like an 18 year old with not a single thought about tomorrow. Ah, what would life be without friends and life has been generous in giving me a friend like her.

Carol and her husband simply love to eat good food, and visit some restaurant every weekend. She records their experience (the food, service, ambiance decor, the entire works) at each place on her lovely blog. I love going through her reviews since they are so detailed and leave me in no doubt as to whether or not I would enjoy eating somewhere. Carol asked me to HONOUR her blog with a guest post and I was very happy to oblige (though I feel certain she is going to tell you that I begged her to allow me some space on her blog :P). 

I visited Aromas of China recently. Hope over to Carol’s space for my review of the restaurant as well as a recipe for Chili Soy Fish.

Thank you Carol for the opportunity!


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