Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Humidifier

A lot of things can go wrong when buying a humidifier and if you don’t research well and know all your options, you are likely to end up with a machine that is either useless or doesn’t work ideally. A good humidifier is worth several hundreds of dollars. So, if you end up buying a wrong one, there will be huge regrets. Here, are some common mistakes to avoid when buying a humidifier for baby’s room.

Not considering the coverage area of the humidifier

The coverage area is certainly an important factor to consider especially if it means you end up buying a humidifier that is too small for the area you hope to cover. Buying one that is too big is a problem since it will cause condensation to appear on the inside of the windows, which will be the ideal place for bacteria and mold to grow. While getting a humidifier that is too small is again a problem as you will end up working it too hard and still not get the moisture you require. It is recommended that you take the room’s measurement before buying a humidifier to determine the correct room size you are looking a humidifier for.

Not comparing prices of different humidifiers

You don’t necessarily have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a good humidifier that works well and solves all the problems that spring up due to low humidity levels. Be smart and compare the prices, features, and customer reviews of different humidifiers.

Forgoing the features that are small but highly convenient

You may be tempted to pay a few dollars less and forgo those small features like night light and medicine cups, which don’t look important. However, when you start using it, you will be thankful for these ultra-convenient features.

Not looking for a built-in hygrometer and humidistat

When it comes to increasing the humidity level, it is important to have just the right amount of moisture. Too much moisture or too little moisture can both cause problems. Hence, a built in hygrometer is a really helpful feature as it lets you know the humidity level in the room and allows you to control the moisture output accordingly using the humidistat. These features will come for an extra price but which is totally worth it.

Not considering the tank size

The tank size is another important feature to consider as it determines how often you will need to refill it. Most people tend to buy the smallest humidifier they can find to save space but they overlook the size of the tank ending up with a machine that requires frequent refills, which is highly inconvenient.

Not inspecting the unit to see how easy it is to use

Are you buying it online? If yes, go to a local electronics shop and inspect the unit before you buy it online. There will be things you won’t like about it and if you check it after it gets delivered to you, you will have to go through the hassle of returning it. When inspecting, particularly check how easy it is to lift off the tank and refill it. Some tanks won’t sit in the sink while others will.

Not considering the noise of the unit

The product description and customer reviews will tell you whether a unit is quiet or loud. But it is always a good thing to check the noise level yourself by going to a local shop. Some humidifiers can be really loud and disturb you during sleep; so this is an important thing to check.

Not including the price of maintenance in the cost

Remember, changing filters periodically is very important for healthy moisture and to reduce the chances of bacteria and mold growing in your home and in the humidifier. Hence, when looking at the cost of the unit, add up the cost of replacement filters and any other cleaning accessories like a cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. And make sure to order a couple extra filters with your unit.

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