Ghee Fried Plantains – Neyyil Varatha Yettakka

Sometimes, you are required to make some really tough decisions. Consider for e.g., my dilemma when my mom asks me, “Yettaka mavil mukki varakkanno, atho neyyil varathaal mathiyo?” which translates to, “Do you want plantain fritters or plantains fried in ghee?”. Plantains fritters or Pazham pori are made by coating plantain slices in a sweet plain/wheat/rice flour batter and deep frying. They are every bit(e) as good as plantains simply sauteed in ghee and topped with a smattering of sugar. I almost decide on fritters when I think of the crunchy coating, but then the sweet, buttery taste of the batter free version comes to mind, and I just can’t make up my mind. I try to shift the burden of decision making back to my mom and ask her to make whatever she likes. But she can never decide either (like mother, like daughter), and after a lot of “Say what you want” and “Make whatever you feel like”, I am forced to pick one.

Ever had to make such tough decisions? Sigh, that’s what life is all about. 😦

Anyway, to make ghee fried plantains, simply slice up the plantains into rounds of about 3-5 mm thickness, or 3 or 4 slices along the length of the plantain. Try keeping the thickness uniform, so that frying time will be same for all the slices. Heat up enough ghee in a frying pan to shallow fry over medium heat. Place the plantain slices into the hot ghee. When one side is brown, turn over and brown the other side. Remove with a slotted spoon once the plantain slices are cooked through, sprinkle some sugar over it, and serve hot. You can use butter or vegetable oil instead of ghee.

I know you will enjoy this for sure!

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