How To Find The Best Food Dehydrator

What is the best food dehydrator?

Today, there are many food dehydrators on the market so it can be hard to find out which one is the best food dehydrator . Usually, the most well-known food dehydrators are the ones from Excalibur and Nesco.

Food dehydrators have come along way since they first appeared on the market. Nowadays, they are highly advanced and found in many shapes and sizes. So it is worth it to do some research in order to find the best food dehydrator that really fits your demands.

Food dehydrators are used by many people. Food dehydrators are used by both vegetarians and meat lovers as both raw food enthusiasts and beef jerkey lovers are fond of this type of appliances. So here is finally a topic that both vegetarians and meat eaters can be passionate about at the same dinner table.

Choosing a food dehydrator

Before choosing a food dehydrator you need to consider your needs and compare them with the features of the different models. Only by evaluating the features of the different brands you can find out which are the best food dehydrators of your choice.

There are some important features that must be evaluated before making a choice. The most important features are:

  • Size
  • Air flow
  • Shape
  • Thermostat
  • Wattage
  • Material

You need to consider the size of the food dehydrator. How much space do you have and where does it need to fit? Will it be at a fixed place in your kitchen or do you need to take it in and out when you need to use it? Most food dehydrators will fit on a counter top but there are also free-standing models that require more space.

The total drying area is important. This depends on how large quantities you are planning to dry each time. If you are planning to dry foods in bulk you need one with a large drying area. You can usually find two types of food dehydrators; those with many stackable trays and those with removable shelves.

Another important feature is the air flow. This has to do with the overall effectiveness of the food dehydrator. Usually, there are two types of air flow; horizontal and vertical. Most food dehydrators use a vertical air flow with a fan at the bottom from which air is flowing vertically. This means that the bottom shelves are dried faster so you need to rotate the shelves during the dehydration process. Horizontal air flow is created by having the fan placed at the back from which air flows horizontally. This often gives a more even dehydration process. There are also some models that don’t use fans at all.

The shape is also worth considering. The round ones are expandable but the square ones take better advantage of the space. If the food dehydrator has stackable trays you can remove them to take better advantage of the space. This is particularly good if you need to use it for drying larger items or if you want to use it to raise dough for bread or to make yoghurt.

There are two leading brands of food dehydrators that are known for making the best food dehydrator. The first one is Excalibur, which is a company that is famous for their vary high-quality and durable food dehydrators.  The Excalibur 3900 is one of the leading models when people discuss which is the best food dehydrator. The other main brand is Nesco, who also produce great food dehydrators that are cheaper and with slightly less capacity.


Before you buy a food dehydrator check out our food dehydrator reviews section where you will find more details on the most popular models. Then you can learn if they meet your criteria and you’ll find out could be among best food dehydrator for your kitchen.

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