Of Coffee Cups and Better Mornings

The search for the perfect cup of coffee has inspired innovation and experimentation with its blending, mixing, selection, growing and cultivation since, believe it or not, about 1000 years ago when it was first discovered. The experimentation though goes on until today coming out with the so many variations that basically two variants of coffee cherries inspired. A perfect cup of coffee? Who knows, maybe it can happen maybe not but the quest goes on.

If you are like most busy people, you wake up and quaff a coffee cup to get on with a new day. A cup of coffee is supposed to be enjoyed but few will really notice. After all, a bland characterless cup of coffee deserves just to be unnoticed. Besides, there are a lot of better things to do.

And yet for the more superior coffee blends are dedicated the most painstaking labor so that the drinker stops and enjoys his coffee cup.

It is often ironic that we work so that we enjoy life’s little perks like placing something more exciting on the table. But then the busy hectic lifestyle of today will in many cases prevent many of us from doing just that. Hurrying through what is on the table to work and earn to put better things on the table that is in the end, not really enjoyed to it’s fullest. On and on it goes.

Start your day then with a good cup of coffee. Keep it from being the boring coffee cup that has already become a routine. Make your own “best” coffee. Listen.

Have you ever tasted Kofi Luak? If you haven’t yet try it sometime. Kofi Luak is rare. Consequently you put more money into every coffee cup than any other. But the experience is an excellent coffee cup. If you wouldn’t mind that it got fermented in a Luak cats intestine and came out with the poop, you will have an exciting coffee cup. The Japanese and Sumatrans are crazy over this cat ka-ka and can quaff it by the mugs.

As mentioned this is not your common coffee and it sells at about $100 per pound. But I promised you a less boring cup, not economy. The point though is you get what you pay for. To drink coffee cups with character, there is a little premium to it. If you cannot find a Kofi Luak, or if you do not relish starting your morning drinking coffee that is possibly contaminated with kitten shit, take another tack.

To enjoy a better coffee cup, always insist on coffee that is roasted a day or two before. Green coffee has a long storage life but once it took a roasting and a grinding, the aroma easily escapes and you will pay the price for brewing it when it is over ten days old.

If you want a superior coffee cup, steer clear from the grocery grade. Most grocery grade coffee tastes very good if you haven’t tried yet making your own. The reason is that, to keep the prices down and be competitive, inferior coffee beans are mixed with the arabica coffee beans. But then, as mentioned, there is a price to pay for life’s little pleasures. As pricey perhaps and as rare as the coffee bags sold in the groceries with pure arabica coffee beans.


For better cups of coffee that you could truly enjoy, you can remain seated and search for tips on buying, grinding, roasting, blending, storage, dosage and the other simple things that will make you truly look forward to your special mornings. A good coffee cup.

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