One Cup Coffee Maker -Tips

If you want a fresh cup of coffee, but don’t have the time to brew an entire pot, or simply don’t want more than a cup, then a one cup coffee maker might be “the” thing for you. The coffee maker industry has been earning nice profits from a very inventive kitchen helper, the single serve coffee maker. It is a great choice for everyone to enjoy. Many people buy it mainly because it’s convenient to use, saves kitchen counter space and is cost and time efficient.

Due to their popularity, consumers are offered various selections of high quality coffee maker brands and single serve brewing systems. From start to finish, you can brew a gourmet cup of coffee or tea in less than a minute. Now the wait for that first hot sip is less than it has ever been before.

Although you are offered many brands and models of these one cup brewers made by well-known coffee maker companies, there should be some sort of guide for choosing the best maker to optimize its wonderful capacities to your advantage.

To start, here are some sample single serve coffee maker brands and what they offer:

Keurig B40 – offers a gourmet coffee brewing system through no-mess K-Cup Portion Pack, which is an exact mix of a specific coffee flavor. Choose from over 100 different K-Cup custom blends.

Tassimo – offers T DISC system that uses barcodes to tell the Tassimo machine what to blend. Choose from eleven commercial coffee brands like Maxwell House and Seattle’s Best.

Philips Senseo – pod style brewing system. Choose from six Moccona Senseo ground coffee pods and roasts.

Melitta – offers electric and non-electric or manual dripping system. Choose from varieties of Whole Bean, Melitta Premium, Estate Coffees, Organic Coffees, Dessert Collection, and coffee pods.

Note that most of these brands’ machines also brew tea and cocoa, hot or cold.  But before buying one of these, you should consider the following:

Carefully choose which brand and system suits your budget and style. Many of them cost a little under $100 some more than double that amount. The coffee machines are in trendy and compact designs.

Shop online. Most single serve coffee makers have websites that provide company and products virtual tours. Most of these websites provide retailer listings, coffee clubs, recipes and brewing tips.

Choose the brand that offers a wide variety of coffee, tea and cocoa blends to maximize the gourmet coffee experience.


For whatever reason you are buying and at whatever the price, a single serve coffee maker is a great option for having an exquisite dose of caffeine whenever you want it.

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