Refresh yourself with Iced Tea this summer

This summer is turning out to be an extremely hot one. I packed away the blankets and Qya’s sweaters a long time back, and the fan is being made to perform at its maximum speed, something that has rarely happened in my Bangalore home. And with the heat comes a thirst that simply refuses to be quenched. While I strongly believe that a tall glass of water is the best remedy to this, as the mother of a 4 year old (and a food blogger) I have come to accept that tall glasses of plain water are plain boring. And thus the need to explore more interesting options to quench that terrible thirst.

I was introduced to Iced Tea by my sister-in-law. She brought us large tins of instant Iced Tea mix from the US at a time it wasn’t available here. (God bless America ;), and the SIL). We loved the tea so much that we shared it only with close family and each sip was relished. In spite of being extremely stingy, the mix always did come to an end, and we waited longingly for the next batch to arrive. (My brother and family were welcome to come along with the tins as well, of course ;)).

On each of my trips home, I nicked a lot of stuff to bring back to Bangalore. But Amma always kept her crystal and the Iced Tea mix out of the reach of my long hands (an amazing feat, I must say). Instead, she rationed out some mix to me in a Ziploc bag, and I pretended to be satisfied, while plotting new ways of getting away with the whole stock. But now that the drink is easily available here and Qya has taken a liking for it, I find myself stirring up a pitcher very often.

I need to take your leave now, because my tea is ready, and I want to get to it before the ice melts and before qya decides he wants to drink more than his fair share of one glass.

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