Vintage Coffee Ginder

Nowadays, we can find a Starbucks or Coffee Bean on nearly every corner. If we want a coffee, all we need to do is drive down the street. If we don’t feel like driving, we can whip one up in a matter of minutes with our electrical coffee machine. Earlier pioneers did not have this convenience. Instead, they had to make their morning dose of energy by hand, grinding their coffee beans inside of a coffee mill.

Today, these coffee grinders are a popular item among collectors and coffee lovers alike. While some collect these grinders simply to show off on their countertops, others still find use out of their completely functional vintage coffee grinders.

Why do people choose to use coffee grinders when they can get the job done quicker with an electrical one? Many coffee drinkers feel that the heat produced within coffee mills can cause damage to the coffee and lessen the taste. Hand-ground coffee, on the other hand, is not exposed to the same heat, allowing the drinker to get the full and magical taste of the coffee.

There are three basic types of vintage grinders. These include wooden grinders, porcelain grinders, and cast iron grinders. While wooden grinders are among the most popular of the three, some collectors choose to purchase all three types.

What does an antique coffee grinder look like? While antique coffee grinders can vary in appearance, they are generally shaped as a box with a hand crank attached to the side and a small drawer that is used to collect the coffee beans underneath. The individual making the coffee simply turns the crank, causing the coffee beans to become ground. Once the grounding is finished, the drawer located underneath the box is used to collect the coffee.

While not all vintage coffee grinders do, some of the older grinds have ‘manages’ on the side. These are used to help the coffee maker hold the grinder while they turn the crank, allowing them to keep the grinder stationary while being used.

When searching for vintage coffee grinders, be aware of imitators as there are many out there. Imitation vintage grinders do not have the same appeal, nor do they have the same quality, as real vintage grinders. Why do you want an authentic coffee grinder? Aside from owning a small piece of history, you also want an authentic grinder because they are extremely durable. If the vintage coffee grinder you own is authentic, you should be able to pass it down to your grandchildren while it is still fully functioning.


If you would like to find a vintage coffee grinder, you can search in several places. Begin by looking in antique stores. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you may be able to find a coffee grinder at an antique auction. And, of course, you can always search online. The scope of the internet is vast, so you will definitely be able to find an authentic coffee grinder there.

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