What are Popular Coffee Machines

If the number of invented machines could be attributed synonymously to the popularity of the materials that it was meant for, then coffee drinking indeed ranks high.

Different kinds of brewing coffee have been made to enhance the flavor of the beans. It does not stop at having discovered a simple brewing method though, today, you can have different methods at brewing coffee to serve different moods, preferences and occasions. But that is already jumping the gun. Some coffee machine types are listed below.

The Percolator

The percolator is still being used in many parts of the world until today because of its convenience and efficiency. This coffee machine serves one basic purpose to brew coffee through boiling.

With the efficiency of percolators were conceived its more modern counterpart, the electric percolator that has a tube that pumps water into the filter basket where the coffee goes back to the bottom, mixes with the grind and the process is repeated over again. The coffee that is brewed is acceptable for a time until the drip method was used that produced better tasting coffee.

The earliest coffee machine that is introduced is known (aside from the percolator types) as the ibrik.

The ibrik is a popular coffee machine in the Middle East. This coffee machine is still being use until today. You can see it on films whether the theme deals with ancient practices or the more modern ones. The Ibrik coffee machine is made from brass or copper. It has a slender top that tapers wide at the bottom.

The ibrik coffee machine has distinguishable grooved lip for pouring and a long slender handle. The ibrik coffee machine works like the percolator. Water is brought to a boil and coffee that is finely grounded is added in. Once again it is brought to a boil.

Sometimes sugar and spices are also added like cinnamon and cardamom. The ibrik coffee machine produces very strong coffee because the coffee does not undergo filtering which most Middle Eastern people prefer.

And then there is also the French press

The French press is a simple coffee machine that uses a plunger to press the coffee at the bottom squeezing the coffee flavor out to mix with the boiling hot water. At the end of the plunger is a filter that fits snugly to the glass container preventing the coffee grounds from mixing with the water.

The coffee grounds are placed between the bottom of the container and the filter of the plunger. After the coffee grounds and the water are allowed to sleep for a little while, the plunger is pushed down creating a brew.

Drip Coffee Machines

Boiling water from a reservoir drips to through the ground coffee held by a filter cone. The drips are collected in a carafe beneath and the brew is served. Drip coffee machines provide excellent brew.

One of its advantages is that the water that passes through the filter is not boiling but instead has the right heat to extract the coffee flavors. There are two types of drip method coffee machines, the manual and the electronic.

Espesso and Capuccino coffee machine

Espresso coffee machines are as the name suggests, are express or quick brewers. This coffee machines forces out steam under pressure through the grounded coffee. To make cappuccino, espresso steamed milk is added.

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